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Thoughts for Today 2/29/16

Pie in the Night Sky

"In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." – Carl Sagan

Thought #1:  I love this quote. It puts things in perspective and dangles an opportunity for us to appreciate the true wonder of our lives. It is important to be reminded of the journey all things must take.

Thought #2:  People have become increasingly impatient. We are conditioned to this way of being by the world we live in, and unless we choose to slow it down, take a breath and be present to the incremental moments of Now, we may be left with an experience of life that lacks depth. Without depth we will find ourselves craving that "something" that is missing from life. We are constantly being sold things that promise to satisfy that craving, but such things rarely do the trick. Spiritual nutrition cannot be satisfied with material things. Knowing that our being is not only physical but spiritual as well, we should see how to be of service to the world around us. To find and honor that purpose beyond our Self. 

Thought #3:  It feels to me as though more and more people of younger generations see the process of learning as unnecessary, and life is really more of a system to hack. It is about getting to the the goal as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible as if it is the only thing of value. Way too much emphasis is placed on competition rather than collaboration these days. Impatience is a toxic by-product of ever-shorter attention spans fostered by the Digital Information Age and its relentless, insatiable desire to distract us from our own thinking. In far too many institutions from elementary schools to corporations to government, domination is viewed as the pinnacle of success when nothing could be further from the truth.

Thought #4:  The Creator knows my heart, and so I have faith that my path and vision in life will ultimately be fulfilled. So when I am feeling lost or in turmoil as I try to navigate in a world on the verge of madness and collapse, I pause and touch this consciousness and feel my heart and all the desires and concerns swirling around in it and surrender it all to the Creator – knowing that it is being taken care of in the perfect way.