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Adrift on the Seas of Destiny

For too many years have I struggled at expressing myself in a satisfactory manner. Surely, I have some successful bouts of creativity in my life, but always there is the feeling of squeezing these works out of some narrow opening; like shoving a camel through the eye of a needle. I am not sure why it is so hard for me, but I am trying to honor my path and process. I may never fully express myself creatively before I expire, but I must try nonetheless.

Thoughts and feelings thunder and buck like wild horses inside me; the whisper of spirit and the myths of ages past call me to journey into mysterious places in search of some unknown elixir. That is the hero's quest after all – to go beyond the ordinary world and return with healing and wisdom for the people.

Today I have wrestled with blogging technology to get it to do my bidding, yet at the end of the day, I am frustrated because the software is unyielding and has bent my creative desires to its will: the template.

When it comes to manifesting creative projects, I feel like I am lost at sea. No land on the horizon, yet I know that it's out there. I am adrift on the surface of a great underwater world, yet I see nothing of it – it is dark, immense, and frightening. Yet the unconscious deep calls to me relentlessly – a song of mermaids – to lure me down. Metaphorically speaking, that is.  However, twice in my life have I nearly joined them, physically, in the deep, but was spared. Perhaps these near drownings were just a reminder that I live in between two worlds; one of flesh and one of spirit. Best not to confuse the rules of each realm!

Well, enough of this moody soliloquy. Time to sleep and dream and be at peace.

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