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Time to Make Lemonade

Well, I guess I did commit to beginning an adventure in my very first post. . . Since then, I have been notified of my transfer to another worksite. While stuff like this and worse happens to good people all the time, it is my first direct experience of this. I don't like it.

I have been working through the emotional elements and the logistics, and I have been looking ahead to my future. I must follow my heart-path, my personal vision no matter what others do to me. So I have arrived at the place of knowing that bigger forces of creation are working for me in my life helping to manifest my vision in a grander and more successful way.

Lemons make a swell drink IF you have some sweetener. I am looking for a sugar bowl to transform this sour cup.

As for this blog, I do not know where it is going yet either. Perhaps it will end up being deleted in the end. Stay tuned. . .

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