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Photo Gallery Now Open

I have so many photos and I take new ones every week. For the moment, there are just a few photos in the Gallery to give you an idea of what I'm working towards. Clicking on the thumbnails will open a larger version of the image. Most photos were taken with inexpensive digital cameras (I love my Canon SD1100 iS PowerShot camera!)

Remember those Spring Beauties I mentioned in my post titled Beneath the Snows of Late Winter? Well here is what they look like. These flowers are a personal favorite of mine.

Spring Beauty flowers (Clintonia virginica)One day perhaps 10 years ago I was walking through the woods at the end of March and came across a large spray of these small wildflowers, their faces towards the sky sunning themselves as it were. All around them on the forest floor were the drab, defeated leaves of last year and a few blades of green grass and wild onions. I felt such sudden elation at seeing the Spring Beauties that I literally gasped, stopping in my tracks. As I savored the details of these cheerful, candy striped flowers, I noticed that there were a variety of equally diminutive flies and ants exploring the insides for nectar and pollen.

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