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A Journey of Words

"3 A.M. Meditation" – © Michael Gambino 2012As I began to work on partially completed essays and simple blog posts, I found my words taking a journey of their own. It was quite interesting to experience this. While I have always allowed my writing to be inspired and influenced by spirit, this time was a bit different. I began writing, searching for the right words to convey what I was feeling, and I was typing away at the keyboard when I began getting a second stream of words. Initially, I thought they were supposed to fit the article I was writing, and they sort of worked, but I sensed a different direction and a different voice to them than usual. I picked up a pencil and began to scratch out those words on a note pad, keeping them apart from what I was originally typing. Several pages later, the words trailed off, leaving with me the words I now post here in their unabridged form. I have resisted “crafting” the words into “something”, or just not publishing them, but part of the energy that arrived with their delivery compels me to share them as they are. Perhaps they will resonate with you in some way. Perhaps they won’t, but I release them now in any case.


The Purpose. . .

Of your life on earth. . .

To walk in thanksgiving and in prayer to the Creator. . .

You are blessed to be so honored by the Creator to be put upon the earth. To live, and to become enlightened. Where else is there such a place as the earth? That you are here is a special gift. This is why you give thanks. All that lives is privileged to be here in this physical reality to experience life. Your time upon the earth is brief compared to the sacred and eternal journey of the spirit. May you give thanks; may you “give your life” to the earth and the Creator each day, not merely when you have spent the last spark of your physical body. Your life will ultimately return to spirit, and your body will return to the earth who grew you from her own body, as flesh of her flesh, through your human mother. So let all people walk in a sacred manner, honoring the Creator by honoring the infinite expressions of life on earth. This way you can move closer to the Creator, closer to the Source. When you walk in a sacred manner, you touch creation and it touches you. This is one way to receive grace and enlightenment. Walk within the atmosphere of love.

Search your heart. Search for that which you hold most dear. It is there, smoldering, pulsing like the embers of a sacred fire. These are the gifts you have been given by the Creator. I do not mean talents or skill, or any physical gifts of man’s making ­­– those are but a means by which you might share with others the Great Gifts of the Creator. These gifts are given to all: peace, love, joy, purpose beyond Self.

Look inside yourself, look deeply, and with other eyes, for they exist beyond the grasp of the physical. As such, they can never be taken away – only left unused. If you do not see these gifts there, direct some of your light into the deep places within and they will be revealed. You must be willing to look. You must choose to accept them before you can begin to fully receive the layered wisdom and power of these gifts. They have the power to transform your life. You must keep choosing them, every day. Sometimes in each moment.

These gifts, when acknowledged, accepted, and shared with others, form an illuminated pathway towards a oneness with all things and with the Creator.

Choose, or don’t choose to accept them, but say not that these gifts were not given. They are at once your deepest desires and the greatest gifts you have been given in this world. They are the greatest things you can share with anyone. They are gifts and they are tools to help you walk the Good Road here on the earth. Ask for an awakening if you do not understand these words, if you do not understand what Oneness is. But be prepared to get an answer.

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