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Dark Forest Dispatch

Let me take a moment to say that, for various reasons, this may well be the last blog entry of its kind that I post. I hope that you take its message to heart.

If you are reading this, then you are likely one of the few who have chosen to join me for this leg of the journey. I suspect that many others who started with me when I first launched this website over four years ago have stopped reading because as of late I have not written about the lovely things in nature. Things have gotten a bit more. . . intense. “Adventures in an Ordinary Life” as the tag line says, means venturing into the unknown. How could I have ever predicted I would arrive at this place when I set out on this writing project four years ago? Such is the nature of a true adventure.

What I feel deep inside is the need to alert people as to what I sense is coming, indeed, what is already taking place in our world, in our backyards and neighboring cities and communities across the globe. You may already be feeling on a subconscious, visceral level what I will be mentioning here. It is not pretty, and therein lies my predicament. I want to bring people to a different kind of awareness of what is taking shape that goes deeper than just the news headlines. Yet the very people I wish to inform may stop listening to what I have to say because of the nature of the discussion. Lives already full of challenges and hardship may seem to have no room for more unsettling information. For others, they just want to focus on “the positive and the beautiful” and deny the looming crisis. In what I am talking about, ignorance is not bliss. Contrary to what some people may think, I do not “thrive on analyzing the unpleasant”, nor is it a hobby of mine to cause discomfort. No one wants to have to look at the kind of possible and probable futures that are looming in the near distance. But the worse scenario by far is being caught unaware, unprepared, and unconditioned to face such things when they occur. It is from this place of love and concerns that I write what I do. What things am I referring to? I’ll save that list for another time perhaps. For now, if you study the world news headlines from the internet and remember that nothing is an island unto itself in the whole universe, then you’ll get an idea of what those things could be.

Here is a starting point for your consideration and investigation: There are 7 billion people on this planet, and Mother Earth continues to suffer greatly at the hands of mankind (and in consequence, mankind and all life suffers). Essential resources of clean and safe food, water, and air are strained, and in many locations on the verge of collapse. Storms and earthquakes, drought and wildfires, and random acts of horrifying violence are increasing in frequency and intensity. These things are global problems, and we are all affected by what happens to our fellow humans around the globe.

Nearly every indigenous culture around the world has prophecy that speaks about a period of renewal for the earth. This is not superstition or propaganda. It is visionary, and such prophecy was given to tribal shaman or visionaries so they would know how to keep their people safe and what to do to help heal the earth. This wisdom was carefully protected and passed down through many generations. As the pieces and phases of these prophecies came to pass, spiritual leaders began speaking to the rest of the world in whatever way they could manage. Modern man, for the most part, ignores such teachings as superstition, mythology, religion, or simply as irrelevant. At best, the modern mind of mankind tries, but only misinterprets the symbology of the messages – messages that were given to the keepers hundreds of years ago. Mankind has put his faith in technology and machines, and other things of his own making rather than the Creator and the natural laws that govern life on earth. This situation must be reversed.

For a long time the indigenous people of the earth have tried to teach us, to share their wisdom and their visions with anyone who would listen. Some of us have heard them, most have not. We cannot stop the consequences of what has been set in motion – we cannot change what has happened. Perhaps, though, there is still time to lessen the severity of the global, environmental and societal upheavals that are upon us. One thing seems certain – there won’t be 7 billion of us going into the future together for too much longer.  As I said, we are far beyond the carrying capacity of the planet’s resources and the ability of natural systems to recover and regenerate fast enough to keep pace with depletion and devastation.

For years I (like many others) have been traveling a haunted road. On this road, the sun still shines, and birds still sing cheerily. On warm spring days, lovely breezes still carry the scent of fresh green fields and apple blossoms to soothe my soul, and nature offers all her beauty to me. I laugh with family and friends, and do my best to live a life. Yet shadows of a dark and terrible future quietly glare at me from the distance. I see these shadows with my waking eyes. From the possible and probable futures they approach with a frightening intensity, revealing unimaginable horrors. These shadows come in warning.

Hopefully, I have your attention now, so permit me a moment to apologize if I have rudely awakened you. I am sorry that the situation demands that I say what I have to say, and that it may cause you distress. God knows I wish it were different.   

Can we fully prepare for every conceivable threat? Of course not. We can, however, prepare for many obvious possibilities including natural disasters, infrastructure and systems failure, food and water shortages, civil unrest, random acts of violence, and disease pandemics. Become very aware of your surroundings, listen to your instincts, and take appropriate actions. Deep and continual awareness of your inner and outer worlds is your best protection.

This message is more direct than others I have posted because there are few grains of sand left in the hour glass. It is up to us to choose what we will do with the time we have left. To the best of our ability let us all heal whatever in the world that we can, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it seems. Love and kindness are ultimately more powerful than violence and use of force. Listen to your deepest feelings, for this is the voice of the Creator within you, guiding you, keeping you safe. Pray in whatever way you can, with a clear intent – with heartfelt passion for who and what you love. Pray for people you don’t even know around the world who suffer, for they are us, and need our prayers. The Creator, the Great Mystery, God knows your heart and all the joys and concerns, desires and fears that swirl within it. Trust that the Creator will sort through it all and help to bring about what is for your greatest good. This is a demonstration of your faith.

Like a stone dropped into still waters, the love we share through prayer and action ripples far beyond the moment, joining with other circles to demonstrate our love for each other, for our Great Mother Earth, and for the Creator. It doesn’t take much – a genuine smile, a simple heartfelt act of kindness, being attentive to someone who may be quietly suffering. . . we make a difference at all times, one way or another. Add a reminder to your “to-do” list to pray and help someone or something in need of healing. Most of you reading this are compassionate, loving people and already do these things, but there are so many who do not care about others, only satisfying their own wants. Perhaps you and I can do a bit more to declare what kind of world we want for ourselves and our children. My hope is that each person on earth finds a way to love enough, and energizes their unique purpose and vision. Check your feelings and purge them of hate, prejudice, disrespect, and other negativity. Do not let the frantic speed of life steal your awareness from you. Slow down, and pay attention to your deep feelings throughout each day. Let them inform your actions.

Long ago I was charged with this simple task regarding healing the earth and  changing the trajectory of the human race: “Do something, anything, but do not walk away.” This is your task as well, should you choose to accept it. Let us not hand victory to the darkness in the world by growing calloused, apathetic and complacent to the plight of our fellow humans, near and far. Have care for the earth and all living things. The beauty we all wish for is within each of us, so carry that light, be the hope, and have faith. Miracles happen.

With love,

Michael Gambino

Water Lily Flower © Michael Gambino

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