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Crossing the Celestial Equator

The Spring Equinox marks the date in Earth’s yearly cycle when there are equal hours of daylight and night. The Sun reached the celestial equator on March 20th, initiating another spring season here on Earth. While the Autumn Equinox also shares this balance of light and dark, the Spring Equinox marks the moment where the amount of light begins to overtake the amount of darkness in the day. Throughout the ages humans have marked this as a time of celebration and fertility. A time of hope and renewal.

This spring marks the completion of a half-century worth of yearly journeys I’ve made around the Sun on spaceship Earth (I haven’t calculated the frequent flyer miles yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth a round-trip ticket to New Zealand for two). I am at the mid-point of my (desired) lifespan, and am looking ahead to brighter days. Read my previous post for a special announcement.

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